Votorantim was about to become a centenary and thought: what do we need to do to work better and maintain the original entrepreneurial spirit? Thus, Program 18.18 was born to transform the Votorantim group and build the next 100 years. From the alignment of the purpose with the vision of the future and the creation of new organizational and business models, a great movement began with several phases to connect, engage, stimulate and train leaders and teams for this transformation, strengthening intelligence between different businesses and multiple generations.

As a premise, we should value history and legacy, while harmonizing the past, present and future to empower new generations and emphasize modernity and movement, intrinsic to change. Thus, the name and slogan “18.18 – It's my turn to make history” were born.
Together with the Votorantim group board, we created, tested and chose a brand with a striking personality with robust typography that reinforces the attributes of solidity, modernity and longevity. The typographic design with the use of bulky numerals combines the aspects

In a coherent and efficient way, a collaborative process was developed between the teams Votorantim, Symnetics, Straub Design, Rico Lins and several specialists in the creative economy. From the conception of the name, brand and identity, through the format and content of the program to be applied over time, with courses, lectures, events, fairs, workshops and 'calls' for products and businesses, to planning and carrying out communication and relationship actions for the organization's leaders, CEO's, directors, managers and board members, in addition to society's leaders.

contemporary and timeless, in addition to allowing the insertion of images without harming the legibility of the set. It is versatile for applications in electronic communication, printed or alternative, with a handwritten signature that personalizes and reinforces the expression of the tagline.
The final movement “Conscious Transformation” was concluded in 2019 at the votorantim.hub event with the manifesto “The future is our territory”. It was gratifying to participate in this experience and see that all leaders are, in fact, the protagonists of this new cycle that started in 2018 and that they will make history in the next hundred years.

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Transforming people, preparing leadership for a future that has arrived