original is a way of being

Day and night, water and fire, time and space, sky and earth, sound and silence, front and back, duality and the ability to balance are the essence of our entrepreneurial personality. Two united people who remain original, two gifts in constant transformation for one purpose, the joy of living and doing.
People, ethics, excellence, inspiration, imagination, the thirst to do and the daring to innovate are the purposes and the way of living for which we exist and create transforming experiences.
We believe that this is what really matters for us to contribute to organizations and brands, in order to achieve their own purpose and, at the same time, the common good. For the rest, we leave the speech there. The works and results speak for themselves and better.
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Nothing is the same, everything is original.

Straub is Design for Experiences that go beyond reason.
It's been 20 years since we started experimenting and doing everything. Our singular is design and our plural is communication. Whichever way it is, because each project is always different from the previous one or from what you see out there, even if it looks the same. In fact, nothing is better than doing unique.
Our balance sheet is the balance between planning and creativity. Carry out each project independently, uniting different ideas and thoughts that complete each other and become something unique. Always from the flexibility and ability to unite many competent people who are also thinking with their imagination.
Therefore, we love to create corporate and educational museums, exhibitions, spaces for events and interactive installations, brand identity, special publications, that is, content integrated in multimedia and spaces that provide impact, relevance and greater results.
We connect and work with architects, engineers, researchers, journalists, writers, designers, filmmakers, scientists, graphic artists, UX designers, advertisers, …, so, if you want, you can call us “Designers of Imagination”.
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