Volvo CE is a construction equipment manufacturer admired for the excellence of its legendary brand. Therefore, the general perception is that the prices of its products, parts and services are higher than the competition, a mistake that occurs even among Volvo CE machine owners. On the other hand, the Volvo group did not regularly carry out commercial and communication campaigns that addressed the price attribute,

We competed and won the challenge to carry out the 2nd campaign of this new phase, in 2018, with the mission to improve results in all indicators. Integrated communication, combining intense actions in digital media with specific offline and relationship actions. A strategy aimed at network teams performing the main communication interface with customers and prospects. And an incentive campaign focused on benefits and awards for the best in sales performance. All in modern language, in tune with the world of social networks, relaxed and agile. As a golden key, we held events in Curitiba that combined endomarketing actions and technical and personal training, with a good sprinkling of entertainment and culture.
The goals and results achieved led Volvo CE to propose that we continue the partnership in 2019.

according to the marketing strategy of the world headquarters.
However, they surrendered to the reality of the market and changed this philosophy. To increase sales and change this perception, Volvo CE has reactivated its traditional “CS Challenge” Incentive campaign for dealers in the Distributor Network and integrated it with the “National Promotion of Volvo CE Parts” for customers.

New campaign idea, higher expectations, more complex economic and market scenarios.
Create the motto and the look that were as good and efficient as the previous year and, without looking the same, that enchanted customers by the logical argumentation and strength of the graphic design, combining with the official look and feel, classic attributes of the brand. The communication mix was maintained, as well as the more relaxed tone of voice and style.
The sales teams became more united and engaged during the campaign, showing an evolution in the process of identity formation and brand commitment. The market and customers have already 'got used' to having the annual promotion, becoming a key factor in the decision to purchase and maintain the relationship with Volvo CE.

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