Safety Exhibition Center

Brazil is the 4th country in the world with the highest number of accidents, about 40 thousand deaths and 500 thousand injuries per year. This data gets even more alarming when combined with the country’s socioeconomic development growth which results in thousands of new vehicles on the streets and road every year, intensifying the traffic and making the transit more complex.

Within this context rises the Memorial da Segurança no Transporte (Safety Exhibition Center), an interactive educational venue thought as a collective awareness tool and mobilizing instrument regarding traffic safety. Developed by Straub Design and sponsored by Volvo do Brasil, the venue is a brand ?s legacy for society, besides reinforcing one of their core values, safety.

The strategy is promoting interactivity with the visitors, in order to sensitize and therefore generating a change of mentality and behavior, resulting in a collective construction of a safer traffic.

Category: Expos and Museums
Client: Volvo
Year: 2016

IF Design Award 2016

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Alameda Dom Pedro II, 255 – Salas 79/80
Batel, Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil