Amazônia +21

Amazônia +21 is a forum that, for the next 40 years, will be open aiming at building knowledge and contact between academics, companies, public institutions and social groups, with the objective of promoting sustainable projects and businesses, valuing local products, generating income for the population and respecting the environment and its diversity.

The strategy was to bring elements of nature into the brand, creating links with the Amazon and integrating business elements in communication. We adopted a concept with the proposal of being universal and easy to understand, since the project will be internationally disseminated.

To bond with the city and create a sense of belonging, we created a color palette related to the elements of the Porto Velho region (host of the Forum), an illustrated family to talk to the local audience, and a set of regional images for create value for the 4 thematic axes of the event.

Client: Agência de Desnvolvimento de Porto Velho
Year: 2019

IF Design Award 2016

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Alameda Dom Pedro II, 255 – Salas 79/80
Batel, Curitiba - Paraná - Brazil